Short throw projectors are used in applications where the distance to the projection screen must be minimized. Models are able to project onto a screen from as little as 1.5 feet away. These projectors come in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and may include support for networking.

The first benefit of buying a short throw also happens to be one of the most obvious: less room between the projector and the screen means less room for people to get in the way.

Every projecting situation does not require a short throw projector. But there are some situations in which a short throw or ultra short projector is the perfect solution. Small learning spaces, conference rooms where detailed documents are shared, trade shows where a big image gets big attention, and in home theaters with projector placement limitations.

  •     Small conference rooms
  •     Small classrooms (schools, churches, public engagement spaces)
  •     Trade show booths
  •     Tight home theater spaces

Ultra Short throw Projector UST-P2

Promethean’s ultra short throw projector can be used with ActivBoard Touch and ActivWall 88 systems.

Vivitek Projector
NEC Projector
Epson Projector
Christie Projector

Wall mounted Ultra short throw projector

Some advantages of a short throw projectors

  •     Light not shining in presenters eyes during presentation
  •     Less obstruction of image, distracting shadows
  •     Can achieve a brighter large image from a lower lumen projector


Front wall mounting
Ceiling mounting