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STEaM and Robotics Education Solutions and Resources.

Providing students learning opportunities that are practically applicable to the real world through STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and mathematics) education that will prepare the future generations to be successful in their respective 21st century careers.

Robotics is proven to be a consistent and surefire way to teach students STEaM skills needed to fundamentally prepare them in all professional areas and will position students for success well beyond their school years.

Arduino Kits

An open-source low-cost electronic prototyping platform (single-board microcontrollers) based on Input-Output board and development environment for enabling learners and professionals to create interactive electronic objects ( robots, thermostats and motion detectors ) that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators.

BBC Micro:Bit Kits

An open source hardware ARM-based embedded system designed for use in computer education designed to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software for computers and building new things, rather than being consumers of media.

Raspberry Pi Kits

A small single-board general purpose computer developed to promote learning of basic computer science by students both individually at homes and corporately in schools.

Cruise Car Micro:Bit Robot

Cruise is an entry-level, self-assembly, small and agile Robotic Kit designed for micro:bit enthusiasts. The Cruise kit provides an all-in-one learning solution to help learners at different stages.

Non-Programmable Robots

Non programmable Robot for kids to guide them in acquiring the most valuable skills which include hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving abilities, imagination & creativity, teamwork & collaboration and social skills which are most vital for the 21st century career person.

Micro:Bit Joybit

A programmable game type extension board specifically designed for Micro Bit. This controller board can be used to control and manipulate the Cruise and other Micro:bit Robots in the manual mode through bluetooth. Features programmable and customizable buttons.