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Boosting Your Staff Morale In This COVID-19 Season

Boosting Your Staff Morale In This COVID-19 Season

At this Pandemic season when staff motivations tend to go through a big dip, how should leaders look to

lift the spirits and attitude?

We are in the midst of a pandemic crisis:

The lights have been taken down, unprecedented last quarter of year looms ahead – cold, dark and grey.

Unlike the tradition to our mentally designed 3rd term beginning (school calendar norm) it’s just a gloomy tiring times, so what can leaders do to boost morale and lift spirits?

Be Present

As some companies need staff to be present at work, a leader should not underestimate the traditional value of walking, greeting staff (under the new normal) and having those incidental conversations that take place in the passing.

Even at half production, simply being visible and present at key times, even at start of day can create a sense of mutual trust motivation.

The Power of Words

Taking time to celebrate success and saying heartfelt “well done” and “thank you” can give colleagues an instant uplift and help them feel valued. A private e-mail or words of appreciation let staff know that their efforts are appreciated.

Find Time to Talk

With the rise in advent online meetings, build in opportunities for professional discussions, which can be powerful way to encourage and inspire. Enabling staff to talk about their own experience and aspirations in this pandemic periods, while offering support and guidance can be energizing.

Share the Bigger Picture

It’s an easy season to be bogged down with the trivial media details of a pandemic, the uncertain intricacies of planning for a wide range of projects, the lack of consistent clientele and the unanticipated financial losses, also a complex seemingly endless reports to please stakeholders or investors.

Allowing the whole team to step back and review the ‘why’ they need to keep the company running can help restore confidence in the team.

Quick Wins

There are plenty cost effective small, quick and easy perks that can serve to provide an instant morale lift. We are all aware of the tea breaks and snacks, however, the leader should make a concerted effort to also involve a Counselling session (again either online or face to face) incase an employee is undergoing some deeper turmoil (at home). This can help alleviate frustrations and instead spread a more positive atmosphere.

With the increasing pressures in current pandemic, it’s easy for employees to focus on never ending needs with kids, retrenched households at home and forget the importance of looking after themselves. We must encourage each other to take responsibility of own wellbeing and find ways of replenishing our own energy reserves.

Show Your Own Vulnerability

Everyone makes mistakes. Likewise everyone is worried about the outcome of this pandemic health wise and moral fabric of society thus affecting companies. Therefore share those moments when you got a chance. Contemplating what are the best companies in the world doing?

In this Pandemic situation, it means you are in constant touch with the realities of the pandemic and it can serve in a good way by shifting the employees unknown, precarious thinking and raising aspirations of positivity instead.

Model What You Want to See Happening

Well, companies have setup water points for washing hands as well as provided hand sanitizers and temperature thermometers.

However, as the leader, do you wash your hands as you enter offices? Do you let your temperature be taken by that guard at the gate or door?