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Who we are

Iworth Technologies Limited was formed in 2013 and duly registered in 2014 by renowned IT professionals in Kenya to meet the changing Educational environments for managed learning experiences as well as business environment requirements. The primary objective for the establishment of Iworth Technologies is to pioneer in educational products, IT Infrastructure network products and software/applications services to organizations and companies in the efficient application of Information Technology.

The company’s headquarter is located in Nairobi Kenya and we have a global reach through our alliance with partners and supplier workshops around the world.

Our Services

Iworth technologies key activities include the supply, design and installation of all types of computer accessories and networking.

The services we offer include Wireless networks, LAN routers and switches, WAN/VPN, IT Security, Structured Cabling and UPS, CCTV products, Projectors and Smartboards/Interactive Whiteboards. Iworth Technologies employs qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and relevant experience to respond to today’s, challenging IT needs. Exceeding client satisfaction motivates Iworth Technologies team of staff.


We help businesses innovate and grow.
We deliver the right solution for your business.

We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver high performance, reliability and most of all ease of operation.


Do you need help with our Promethean hardware or software?

Promethean is a global leader in interactive education technologies that expand student perspectives in the classroom. We are transforming the front-of-classroom experience around the world, offering the Ultimate Classroom Display Experience.


Interactive White Boards

Interactive Whiteboard technology extends a highly potential means for teachers to connect and communicate with students, and within corporate settings. at Iworth Technologies we supply and intal Interactive White Boards

Short Throw Projectors

The first benefit of buying a short throw also happens to be one of the most obvious: less room between the projector and the screen means less room for people to get in the way.

Data Networking

Based on the experience, we in iWorth Technologies have experience of many installations in neat and in many cased listed buildings. Cables are only visible as a last resort.

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands